Tim’s Story

Tim led an amazing life of loving others well, investing in what truly matters, & being faithful to the end.

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Tim’s Legacy


Tim’s legacy is alive and well and will continue to bear testimony to his life, his character and faith.

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Tim’s Challenge


Tim lived a life of principle that is very rare in today’s world. Come and be challenged by his example.

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Give Like Tim


Tim made giving a priority in his life because he believed that he was a steward and not an owner.

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About Our Heart

Family_final_150As Tim Clark’s family, it is our hope and prayer that you will be encouraged, challenged and inspired by visiting this site, looking around and reading more about the son, brother, father, and friend we all loved so much! We wanted to create an environment where people could celebrate and remember Tim Clark and carry out his legacy of making an impact in the lives of others for eternity.

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Once, we passed a homeless man on the street. It was quite chilly and the man was obviously very cold. Tim stopped and talked to the man, in no hurry even though we were a smidge late. He asked him about his life and his dreams, a very Tim-like thing to do. As we started walking away, Tim turned around and gave the man the flannel shirt he was wearing, blessed him and walked away. He literally gave the homeless gent the shirt off his own back. To me, Tim was one my greatest examples of being the hands and feet of the Gospel.
Issac Heath