TimsJournalDec. 9th, 1997  Tim was 20 years old and a student at Miami University

If I fall asleep anytime soon I pray that Jesus will be glorified in amazing ways.  That my family would be joyful that I am with Jesus.  As well as that I love them so much.  I have realized that it is dying to self daily and putting Christ first.  I am concerned with God’s view of me rather than others.  I pray that people would know that my life is not in vain.  My life was not in vain b/c I have joy and peace of who I am in Christ Jesus.  He is the one that makes me happy and in whom I find refuge.  If anyone is to ask why bad things happen to good people I would tell them it is b/c God knows everything and is in control.  I  love you so much Jesus.  I pray I will do your will as I grow in you.  You are in control and I am leaving a legacy of believers and planted seeds that will live on far past my earthly body.  This is the only way I have found life not to be meaningless!  Christ is King!

June 18, 2000, Tim, 23 years old,  titled the page “Father’s day sermon”

Stewardship of the Lord’s time:
How do we deal with issues in the past?
Jesus is the same yesterday, today, forever.
Jesus existed before we lived, “Before Abraham was, I AM!”
Jesus was with us even when we didn’t realize He was.  Jesus was with us with our memorys
Eph. 5:16 “Don’t be vague but make the most of your time.

Our report card in heaven will be:

My relationship to God
My relationship to myself
My relationship to others
How are you using God’s precious commodity: TIME
We speak and pray the future into existence

July 28, 2000  (Nancy Clark: “Our family visited Halifax on our way home from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, where we celebrated our 30 wedding anniversary at our old family homestead.  We had lived as a family in Halifax for 8 years when Tim was 3 to age 10.  This journal entry from Tim was written when he was 23 years old:

I was walking the streets of Halifax late last night Then I ended up at the park at the end of Quinpool street.  I had to decide between some cute girls who were calling to me and spending time with God.  I kept walking and sat in the skateboard park  I was being tempted with the world so I prayed that God would show himself. I prayed specifically that I could pray with someone.  The, after a while, a guy started trip riding with his BMX bike.   I said Hi and he looked and said, “Is that a Bible?” This started a conversation tath I got to share my testiony and the 5 laws.  He said he read the Bible at six  But was cool with life until God smacked him.. Ater a bit he rode away and was using the ramps.  The Holy Spirit told me to go and ask him if he was going to heaven  I did and he siad he wasn’t ready to answer that question.  I then asked to pray for him b/c that is what I prayed earlier.  It felt so great to do what God wanted me to do.  So I got a donair onthe way home and read 1 Cor. 10:12, 13, 21,23  Verse 12 +13 deal with temptation and that you don’t have to fall.  Verses 21 + 23 talk about you can’t drink from the Lords cup and a demons. So I realized I shouldn’t watch TV when I come home.  So I didn’t. Thank you for helping me Jesus.”

July 28, 2000. Saturday  titled “Believers Authority”

Halifax has been awesome. We hung out at the Angus house last night and the three children are wonderful.   Ben, Leah and Heather are all grown up. Then Jake picked me up and we went to downtown Halifax.  I found out that the city was set up mainly by Cornwallis for prostitution and alcohol.  We walked Hollis street and prayed outside a strip club.  Them we made our way to Citadel Hill where male prostitution florished.  Men were driving by and picking up other men.  We stayed up there and prayed for each other.  Jake was talking about his struggles, Heidi was talking about her struggles and I was dittoing whatever they said.  It was a great memory of focusing on the Lord.  As well as seeing where I didn’t want to end up in life.  Because those men had let themself slide into the downward spiral of sin.  I

Last Journal Entry

Last Journal Entry

went to sleep reading Ephesians and the Believer’s Authority by Kenneth Hagin.  I then finished it by 3 pm. It is an interesting thing faith is.  I know b/c Christ is in us that we have authority so I just banished the demon of mistakes in the past I have been forgiven and washed by the blood of Jesus.,,,  I think I’m going to get a donair for dinner.

August 1, 2000, in Halifax

“‘Psalm 103:12, As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us.’

When God looks at me He does not stare at my sin but he sees a redeemed soul.  He sees me as part of Jesus’ body at his right hand.”

His last journal entry with the title:

A Great Day….
Still loving God and others from 6:15am until he kissed his daughters goodnight.

We love you Tim Clark.